Organize all your digital construction documents

Hivebase helps you store and keep track of everything.
And it's a breeze.

Let's get organized

Say goodbye to brittle storage systems.
Hivebase helps you tag and group your documents intelligently.

Effortless uploading

Create projects and document types with just a few clicks. Upload with drag-n-drop. It's a breeze.

Store with context

Create custom fields for everything you want to track. Tag your projects and document types as you upload.

Organize collections

Group related documents and projects into custom collections for convenient navigation and quick-access.

Make it usable

Your Hivebase repository is easy to navigate. Search, drill-down, filter, and find anything you need.

Instant quick search

Hivebase shows you results as you type, instantly. Find any document with just a few keystrokes. No waiting, no lengthy rabbit trails, just fast results.

Powerful filtering

Drill down through projects and folders with a few clicks.
Apply flexible filters on any custom fields to find exactly what you're looking for.

Custom navigation paths

Collections let you navigate through related groups of projects or documents. See all your safety manuals in one place. Click through by location, year, and more.

Fine-tuned sharing

Create a dedicated sharing URL for a document, folder, or project. Provide granular access to outside contacts. Set expiration times and restrictions.
Serious about security

Protection enabled

Files encrypted during transit and in storage
Two-factor authentication available for users
Role-based access controls for permissions
Detailed audit logging for all document changes

Partner with us

The Hivebase partner program is for reprographers, plan centers, IT providers, and anyone else wanting to provide archiving or digital libraries as a service.
  • Resell the Hivebase platform to your customers and create an ongoing revenue stream.
  • Grow your scanning and document management services. Capture more lucrative scan projects.
  • You decide who has control. You can manage and maintain the archive, or give your customer joint control.
  • Perfect for archive historical documents, organizing project closeouts, facilities management, and more.

Ready for a closer look?

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